Welcome to Enhanced Yantra Energy

Through my years of dedicated research, I have gained insight into what I like to think of as spiritual quantum entanglement.
Combining chanting (induced cymatic frequencies) with open eyed, centring meditation, allows me to draw power from higher intelligent energy forms, which vibrate at the level of goddess energy. The more you induce these frequencies within your personal field, by chanting,  the more powerful and prevalent they become a part of you, which in turn increases your personal frequency.

Goddess energy is intelligence that has an energy frequency of unfathomable vibration. Different goddesses allow anyone to draw different aspects of energy which may make your path much more bearable and, in time, way more fun. Goddess/feminine energy is the energy which intertwines throughout the universe (the container, that is, the universe, is masculine energy.) This authentic feminine energy can project the desired image of itself upon human minds in forms such as Durga Ma, Matangi or Goddess Kali, just to name a few.

After chanting to Durga Ma for weeks or months, attracting energy such as protection and absolute success, I went back to chanting devotionally to Goddess Matangi, which carries the vibration of art, music, and higher knowledge, while still feeling safe and protected. However, when that powerful sense of protection is replaced with the vibration of wisdom, I very strongly notice the difference in my energy field.

At first, I noticed a sense of almost unease because Durga Ma's energy is so incredibly powerful. One reason she carries so much power is that so many people around the world devote their love to her, while goddess Matangi is lesser known than other forms of goddess energy.

Goddess Matangi is known as an outcast and is offered leftovers by other gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology, so she is not as revered as she should be. I use Matangi energy in my qigong because whatever energy doesn't absorb into my chakra (I consider these to be leftovers) on a certain pore breathing exercise, that energy then gets moved up and used to power the next chakra or layer of aura that I send energy to. (That’s the true power of Matangi energy)
However, when more people devote loving attention to goddess Matangi, the world will excel at incredible speeds because she brings in such powerful knowledge and supernatural powers.

The drive and love I have for creating these boards is a gift from my higher self and guides. Literally, a gift.

That gift was presented to me Back in 2017, while working on a bitumen extraction plant, I was explaining lucid dreaming to a fellow crane operator on site; he took the information and began practicing what I taught him and was lucid dreaming within weeks.
At that time, I was also taking an online workshop by Christy Marie Sheldon called "Love or Above," and one of the meditations in the course was to ask your angels for whatever it is you want to manifest. I am not a materialistic person, so I wasn't sure what to picture in my mind, so I just envisioned an angel handing me a gift as you would get for a birthday or Christmas.

Two days after this meditation, my coworker told me about a dream he had where he was in a large crowd of people when suddenly the crowd parted and at the end of this clearing, he said he saw me standing at the back of this clearing when a little boy angel walked over to me and placed a gift in my hands.
When he told me about this dream, I immediately got goosebumps. The universe was telling me that it hears me, and I felt my gift was that acknowledgment and that teaching my friend about lucid dreaming was my gift, the gift of teaching and inspiring others about the wonders of the universe.

After several years of devotional research and practicing higher forms of meditation, I felt absolutely connected and loved by the universe.

One of the most inspirational journeys I learned about was a Japanese Buddhist monk who lived in the 1200s named Nichiren, he created a chant which goes "Nam-myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo" while gazing at what he called a Gohonzon. A Gohonzon is an image of Japanese characters, which, when stared at while chanting, activities both hemispheres of the brain to create whole brain coherence. This upgrades your brain, similar to upgrading a PC. The tale of Nichiren says that his life was threatened many, many times because he spoke out against the establishment at the time with the intention to see humanity improve. On one attempt, he was taken by boat and forced to stand on a large rock in the middle of the ocean while winter storms were raging. He just kept chanting, "Nam-myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo." He was saved when a fishing boat happened to pass by and pick him up, when he was caught again, his captors banished him along with other prisoners to a separate island where he first created his Gohonzon. Researching his life was so uplifting and powerful and is what shaped my mission in life, which is to help raise the vibration of as many people as I possibly can.

It wasn't until I started following the research of an inspiring author and world traveller, Freddy Silva, that I became fascinated with sacred geometry. In one particular show on Gaia TV, he explains how certain stones with vibrational specific signatures and polarities are purposefully chosen in most megalithic structures on Earth. It is also the aspect of placing them in geometric formations that adds the power that they then resonate with and vibrate at a synchronized higher frequency. I started drawing sacred geometry and learned about a image called a Sri Yantra.
My first attempt was terrible, but I could still sense the power in it. I knew immediately that I absolutely needed to get better at drawing it while also researching the history behind it, which is what led me to goddess energy, and was truly the beginning of my journey into the world of yantra energy. 

I spent months and months in the lunchroom at work, during downtime, drawing yantras on paper and giving them to coworkers. My coworkers all found the same sense of awe in the image as I did. I started looking for scrap pieces of paper face plywood at work.

The picture to the right is the first one I created on paper face plywood. I made it for a coworker that was rigging for me on one of the cranes I was on at that time. After giving him the board and telling him how to gaze at it and imagine the reality he wanted to experience, I found out a couple months later he quit this job and went on to open his own moving company in his hometown. I was so happy to hear about that.

After getting faster and more proficient at the art, I found the perfect size cedar I now use, which I purchase from a local wood shop in town. After I started creating them on the cedar, I "downloaded" the idea from the universe to add copper to them; I would begin by cutting a copper circle that I would adhere to the board in the centre where the actual image of the Sri Yantra would be drawn. That then evolved into using a wood routering tool to engrave depressions in the image which I add crushed crystals into and then seal with a non-toxic epoxy resin. 

While researching the Sri Yantra image, I discovered in the Hindu religion it represents a form which vibrates at the same frequency as Goddess Tripura Sundari. She is the Goddess of beauty and the consort of Shiva. She stirs up desire in Shiva (God of death and rebirth) . I began chanting in devotion to her while drawing the image.
I learned a chant from a book I read about the Sri Yantra. The chant was
Aim Klim Sauh Sauh Klim Aim.

Aim: is said to help in perfecting knowledge.

Klim: desire to attain knowledge of the Goddess.

Sauh: gives power to the practitioner to realize the self.

I chanted that for weeks on end while I drew yantras. Then one day, a YouTube suggestion for a Goddess Matangi chant showed up, I did not know about her at this time, but I was compelled to listen to it. It was such a beautiful chant I truly felt that it was Matangi reaching out to me, as "aim" is her seed mantra (perfecting knowledge).

So I had been calling her energy, basically, in the 6 syllable chant, I had been chanting for weeks on end. The Matangi chant was "OM SRI RAJA MATANGYAI NAMAHA."
I learned that it is a way of showing your love for her, like saying I bow and show you love and respect.

She is also known as the tantric form of Goddess Saraswati, they both represent knowledge, but they offer slightly different energies.

As I continued to chant to this amazing Goddess of art, knowledge, speech and supernatural powers, my Yantras began getting more and more beautiful. New ideas would flood my mind, like adding crystals and using non-toxic epoxy resin to secure the crystals.

The chanting works because they are mathematically tuned, cymatic frequencies which, when thought of, or expressed verbally, bring a higher vibration into the environment around you. The sound Carries the vibration at which these intelligent energies vibrate at, so it increases your vibration at the atomic level. The more you chant, the more power it builds and your entire experience of reality is improved dramatically.

Shortly after my yantras were developed to where they are today, I got another confirmation from the universe that I was on the right track.

Out of nowhere, a YouTube video suggestion popped up about the origins of an invention called the Orgone accumulator, created by Wilhelm Reich in the 1950s. It was a device created using natural wood, which absorbs energy, and metal which reflects energy to the person seeking healing. When you go to your local crystal shop and see a resin-based pyramid with copper and crystals embedded in it, you now know where that originated from; they are called orgone pyramids. That video inspired me to create my business and build this website you’re on now.