Next generation meditation

I plan to build workshops around the particular  form of Qigong for which I developed an internal energy activation system to accompany it with.  

With daily practice of this combined internal and external movement you fill your chakra points up with incredible amounts of energy. That energy can be stored and drawn off during your day.
I use my Kalpadruma boards as a source of power to draw off of while I perform the qigong sequences, as it is a standing meditation requiring only the arms to be moving.

I am currently working with a friend I met during a shamanic workshop who is but another luminescent angel that the universe has placed along my path who has been assisting me to build an online brand where I can share with the world this amazing gift I have been bestowed with. If not for her, this website may still have just been a dream. I can not possibly be more grateful for I truly believe everyone is capable of expanding their consciousness and understanding their gifts, and it is my aim to reach as many souls as I can.

I am currently writing a book which will describe the particular form of Qigong that I am practicing along with more information regarding how to draw energy off of the Kalpadruma boards. I started it as just a small manual but it just keeps taking on more form.

I am also researching and learning to activate and maintain my Merkabah light body. My research into this new emerging field of science called biophotonics, leads me to believe this will allow anyone willing enough to apply the effort necessary, can unlock inherent abilities within themselves allowing that person to successfully navigate the multiverse at will, where all potential realities exist simultaneously. This presently locked inner technology is what makes us superior to artificial intelligence, and if even only 1% of humanity can grasp this concept we will propel into the golden age so sought after by many in the metaphysics community.

It is literally manifestation on steroids.

Once I master this technique, I will offer it as a lesson that I plan to teach once I begin to offer workshops. I would prefer to do it in person, where when you sign up, I will build you a Kalpadruma board as a gift included in the workshop.

I much prefer giving than selling, but in order to facilitate my move out of cranes, I need to supplement my income somehow.

Another future project I am interested in pursuing is to build meditation temples, gardens and spaces in homes. Tapping into knowledge gained from Freddy Silva’s Temple Making program, I built a beautiful Japanese Gate in my front yard. I followed his instructions precisely and went a step further by burying a crystal grid in an Octagon shape underneath the actual structure.

When I meditate on that swing in the summer mornings, it is the most peaceful experience I have ever felt. I would love to build a team of light workers who share my passion and expand this into a thriving business

Basic yantra

  • Cedar wood
  • Copper with 8 clear quartz crystal
  • Resin

Yantra with crystal grid

  • Cedar yantra with Copper with 8 clear quartz crystals
  • Cedar crystal grid w copper and resin
  • Calgary, AB, Canada

Once you pick a design, send me an email and if you would like to change any colours I am happy to accommodate as I build to order