The foundation of Enhanced Yantra Energy  imageThe foundation of Enhanced Yantra Energy  imageThe foundation of Enhanced Yantra Energy  image
The power of sacred geometry on our consciousness is absolutely immeasurable.

Simply gazing at sacred geometry can effect your DNA and have a healing effect on your body.

It activates both hemispheres of your brain to create a whole brain coherence.

The more you gaze at it on a regular basis the stronger the effect and the longer the results will last. Results like having higher emotional intelligence, meaning you are in control of your reactions to life’s circumstances. Your imagination will be through the roof, new and Innovative ideas will flood your brain. 

The Megalithic structures that have been created around the globe, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, all have sacred geometry built into them. They were also designed using certain types of stone which carry either a masculine or feminine frequency. Masculine stone is any stone which is formed from friction or heat, like granite or basalt. Feminine stone is stone which is formed from the movement of water, such as limestone and marble. all megalithic structures have feminine energetic stones built into them. Some have a mix of masculine and feminine but feminine energy is required to enable the structure to positively effect consciousness.

Crystal also exhibits this same phenomenon, Clear crystal quartz is a feminine crystal because it forms when silica dioxide dissolves in water, then over thousands of years it cools and solidifies into crystal. where Apache tears are volcanic glass which cools in the atmosphere so it vibrates at a masculine frequency. When crystals are aligned in a geometric patterns, or crystal grids, it amplifies the vibration and will effect personal frequency by raising it.

Think of crystals as angelic beings crystallized in the 3rd dimension. Just as your higher self manifested your physical body, angels or higher vibrational beings manifest their consciousness into crystals as they are forming within the Earth,  Crystals form when the lattice substructure that makes them up coalesces in geometric patterns, such as hexagonal patterns. Since geometry is the language of source energy, when you align crystals into geometric formations, you are quite literally communing with God! That is the intention behind the crystal grids I design and build

I use Copper in all of my art, as it is a conductor of energy, it draws towards itself higher vibrational energy which it then reflects towards you as you gaze at it

I have been on my spiritual path for over 20 years now but only discovered the power of sacred geometry 2 years ago.

Once I started drawing some of these images my energy levels began to rise and my outlook on life became even clearer and more positive than before I discovered this power.

I started learning about the power of chanting while gazing at these images and it’s something I look forward to doing everyday now, it is not some mundane chore I feel obliged to do looking for a result.

I never thought of myself as artistic at all until I started focusing my attention on this energy and chanting powerful cymatic frequencies. It awakened something deep inside of me

I feel more alive than ever when I create every new piece of art. I feel more like a channel for source energy rather than feel I am creating something from myself.