Hi, my name is Steve.

I currently identify as a crane operator :).
The truth is, I manifested my career as a Crane Operator 19 years ago, and yes, I operated that particular crawler crane you see in one of the pictures here; I was dismantling the tower crane.

My spiritual awakening began a couple of years before that, though.

Twenty years ago, an incredible book about personal growth called "Way Of The Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman found me. It opened my mind to a desire for higher knowledge, and I have been in hot pursuit ever since.

My first mindful manifestation was in 2002. I was 27 years old at the time. I was on my way to an outdoor concert called Stage 13, a 3-hour drive from my hometown of Calgary, AB. I took a couple of friends with me in my truck; we had some other friends who had made their way there a couple of hours before us. As we were driving, we called them to see how things were going at the concert; they told us they were in a massive line behind other cars parked on the highway, waiting to get into the camping area where the concert was taking place. I decided this would be a good time to give these new manifestation techniques I had been reading about a whirl.

As I was driving, I visualized my friends and I coasting through the gates when we arrived an hour from then. However When we arrived, there sure was a long lineup.
I remember being fairly calm about my visualization of us coasting through the gates, not happening as my training predicted it would. We made the best of it, as there were two carloads of us, and we had time to socialize.

As we were slowly inching along the highway, a couple of girls in their 20s cut along the shoulder, trying to get past the line; they weren't the only ones attempting this, as this whole mess was interfering with the locals in the area trying to get around town. Their adventure was just slightly faster than our snail pace.

They pulled beside me, and we started chatting; they told me they lived in the town of Camrose, just past the concert area. They asked if I wanted to follow them, and they would show me where the VIP entrance was; they said there were no guards at the gate because all the VIPs had checked in, and security was needed elsewhere around the concert grounds.

I never even hesitated. In my mind, the universe just sent me two angels.

The second carload of friends we were with didn't want to risk it. My two passengers and I went solo. We followed behind The girls as they took us past the line and up a few side streets, and just as they promised, there were no guards at the booth when we arrived at the VIP entrance.

I invited those two angels to join us for a drink once we parked, but they declined. (I guess angels don’t drink alcohol;) We graciously thanked them as we parted ways. I drove up and down a couple of rows of tents and trailers, and right there was an empty lot on a corner. We pulled in like we owned the place and set up our tents; we partied all weekend without anyone disturbing us. Our friends, who decided not to follow us, ended up sleeping in their cars on the highway, along with the dozens and dozens of other carloads of concert goers, because security shut the gates until morning for some reason.

Since then, manifesting has become second nature to me following that day.

I manifested meeting my gorgeous wife, Rachelle, into my life 13 years ago. I remember visualizing being with a beautiful woman who's sassy and doesn't take crap from anyone.
I was a very passive pushover in those days and wanted someone from whom I could draw assertive energy. she even looks like what I visualized. She has some sass to her; every time I watch her stand up to anyone trying to take advantage of her, I am in complete admiration. She has helped propel my spiritual growth to higher levels than I could have without her.

I have also been studying Qigong for five years now; the particular form I practice now, which I have been practicing for the past three years solely, I learned from a book called Immortal Fangs Longevity Qigong. It is a straightforward but powerful practice. The book strictly shows the movements, which are circular and vertical brushing motions (known as abdomen rubbing), applied to the upper torso to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body, leading to improved health and a longer lifespan. The only other advice is to close your eyes and look within while performing the abdomen rubbing.

I had been practicing the sequence for about a year, every day twice a day, when I started studying a Mindvalley course called Duality with Jeffrey Allan. That course taught me how to circulate energy through my body in such powerful way.
I had an idea to combine the external qigong and internal energy circulating and began creating an internal visualization to cycle universal energy to my chakra system while performing the abdomen movements. Until this point,
I would focus on the chakras as a peg for my mind to keep track of which round I was on; as there were seven rounds, it only made sense to focus there.

The more I practiced that internal aspect, the more it developed into something more powerful than I could ever imagine. I took ideas from other energy systems I had learned and mixed them with ideas that came to me spontaneously until, one day, I came across a podcast on YouTube teaching about activating your Merkabah light body. It was so similar to what I was already doing that I started integrating it into my routine, and that's where I am today.

I share this story because you can read all about manifesting and connecting with the universe all you want. Still, until you experience the feeling, you can never understand its wisdom.

It is my sincere wish to see the light of wisdom shine in the eyes of every human on Earth. That has been my goal for many years now. 

Along my 20-year path, I have taken several spiritual workshops and seminars. I have compiled several techniques I have studied over the years and the many, many books that I've read. I am just finishing up a meditation teacher training course; I took my Reiki level I in 2017. I received my level II this summer of 2022, and just finished level III masters this spring 2023.

The most beneficial aspect of manifesting a career as a Crane Operator is that I have incredible amounts of downtime waiting to hoist. It affords me time to study and learn while I get paid to work. It's like having one wish granted by a genie and wishing for unlimited wishes.